Close your digital skills gap with

Skills Bootcamps

Free, 12 week Skills Bootcamps

Training that supports the development of soft skills including communication, collaboration and critical thinking alongside market-leading technical training.

Vendor certificates worth over £2,500 

Skills Bootcamps provide vendor certification from Microsoft, EC-Council, CompTIA and SAS for free. 

8 locations around England

We can locate talent from locations across England and help take the stress out of your recruitment process. 

Graduates are ready for the workplace

Thanks to the training on the Skills Bootcamps the graduates are ready to immediately add value into the company. 

Struggling with IT recruitment?

Firebrand Training can help.

Partner with us and gain access to 100's of candidates with IT skills per month who are looking for a job. 

Interview recent graduates from the Skills Bootcamps program and fill your vacancies.

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